AdBrite Taps Jivox Tools To Become More Social


Social seems to be making its way into every medium across the advertising industry. The ad exchange adBrite has partnered with the video advertising company Jivox, allowing advertisers to build in sharing tools that enable consumers to share content through Likes, tweets, email and blog posts.

Aside from building sharing ads, advertisers can place long-form videos in the ad unit, insert coupons and documents for consumers to download, link to a store location or provide real-time Twitter feed updates.

Rather than build these tools internally, partnerships around licensing or sharing technology continue to accelerate as online advertising becomes more sophisticated and complex. "There's logic to interweaving the tools, said Iggy Fanlo, CEO, adBrite.

adBrite has integrated with about 30 demand-side platform companies -- both video and display. The road map for 2012 includes mobile and connected devices. There are technical issues related to how to handle cookies, device IDs, browsers and operating systems for devices, such as Kindle, IPTV, tablets.



The exchange can identify the type of device, but the technology cannot separate ads to serve on specific devices. Different ad units are required for each device because the pixel count varies.

Jivox holds all five IAB certifications for in-banner and in-stream video ad formats, as part of the IAB Compliance Seal Program. The Video Player-Ad API definition (VPAID) and Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) certifications standardize the process of serving in-stream online video ads, creating a communications protocol between ads and players. This helps publishers standardize on one in-stream video advertising platform.

adBrite also works with 16 data partners and other companies, such as Blue Kai, AlmondNet, TARGUSinfo and DoubleVerify.


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