'X Factor' Music To Social Media


Although Fox's "X Factor" may not be a slam dunk from a Nielsen ratings perspective, social media-wise, it dominated all other new prime-time shows.

Social media researcher SocialGuide says for the first week of the new season, the singing competition show had a 23.3% share of all those unique visitors (51,229) on social media sites the Wednesday night it aired, with a big 28.8% share of all social media comments (106,820).

Its nearest competitor was Fox's new comedy "New Girl," which pulled in a 9.7% share (24,634) of uniques and 7.3% of all social comments (31,553) for its Tuesday night. ABC's "Pan Am" was next with a 4.9% share of visitors -- 11,645, and 4.1% of comments -- 17,535.

CBS' "2 Broke Girls" came next with a 2.5% and 9,021 visitors and 1.7% of all comments, 11,018.

Two ABC dramas were right behind this group: "Revenge" and "Charlie's Angels." "Revenge" had a 4.0% share on the night, but slightly lower uniques than "Girls" with 8,791 visitors. It had a 3.0% of comments, at 11,306. "Angels" was at 2.9% share of uniques (7,911) and 1.8% of comments (10,733).



NBC's best numbers came from lowly Nielsen-rated "The Playboy Club" at 1.9% of uniques (6,595), a 1.4% of comments (9,334). NBC's "Whitney" was behind with a 2.3% share of uniques (6,447) and 1.5% of comments (8,857).

Some older-skewing dramas were behind these shows CBS' "Person of Interest," with a 1.3% share (3,658) of visitors and a 0.8% share of comments (4,944); NBC's "Prime Suspect" saw a 0.7% share (1,822) of uniques and 0.4% of comments (2,641); CBS' "Unforgettable" nibbled 0.5% share of uniques (1,327) and a 0.4% of comments (1,669); and CBS' "A Gifted Man" got 0.9% of uniques (843) and 0.7% of comments, (1,266).

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