Study: Will iPad And Tablets Displace Searches On Laptops?

IpadEighteen months into the emerging tablet market and Apple's iPad still holds the dominant market share, but will the tablet PC replace the laptop -- and can other brands make a dent in the market?

A recent study from Ipsos OTX MediaCT set out to determine whether a market exists for tablet PCs, rather than just iPads, and if other brands could make a significant contribution. It also explored the idea that tablet PCs could possibly change the definition of "computer."

Three in 10 potential tablet owners said the iPad is the only tablet they are considering, confirming that the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs built a brand that will live on for many years. Another 50% would put the iPad on their shortlist. It turns out that 80% of the potential tablet market will give serious thought to purchasing the iPad, leaving 20% of the potential market iPad-free, according to the study. The responses were influenced more by general brand perception and not by price or screen size.



OTX research released in February found the tablet had the potential to change how laptops were used. Six months later the data points to tablet activity focused on searches for information, socializing, consuming media content, and playing casual games.

What impact do tablets have on laptops? About 49% of tablet PC owners said they use the device to search for information, followed by visiting social networks, 33%; reading online content, 31%; playing social or casual games, 28%; and reading email, 26%. In nearly all cases, these actions cannibalize laptop computer use in the household. Data suggests that the laptop risks becoming the less cool.

When considering actions on the iPad, the act of searching for information rises. About 53% of those who use iPads said they use them to search for information, followed by visiting social networks, 37%; reading online content, 36%; playing social and casual games, 33%; and reading email, 30%.

Apple continues to have a larger lead over other tablets -- specifically with households earning more than $100,000 -- but the Samsung Galaxy could provide future competition, according to the study. When those participating in the study were asked what tablet they are more interested in owning, 31% said the iPad, followed by the Samsung Galaxy at 7%.

All other tablets -- the HP TouchPad, Kindle, BlackBerry Playbook, Sony Tablet PCs, and Motorola Zoom -- came in at 5% or lower. The Galaxy and TouchPad made it to the shortlist with 17% of those participating in the survey.


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  1. Janette Noelle Dean from Author, In Defense of Cats!, October 11, 2011 at 5:17 p.m.

    I think the survey might have been done before the new 'Kindle Fire' really hit with publicity. From what I've heard, the Kindle Fire should sell extremely well as a cross between an e-reader and tablet because the $199 price is so nice. I think it will increase tablet ownership faster, and those same people may still get iPads down the road if it still makes sense when they can afford them more. Related article:

    The popularity of the Kindle Fire will be good for me since my book is sold on Kindle (which is also accesible on the iPad but different from the iStore):

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