BrightEdge Bridges Search, Social Into Next-Gen Platform

The explosion of data produced by search and social signals captured through technology continues to force search platform providers to redesign tools supporting advertising clients. BrightEdge becomes the latest to combine and use Web site, search and social signals.

The company officially rolls out BrightEdge S3 to nearly 100 other customers that will use the platform to manage marketing efforts.

The complicated integration of social signals into search on platform from BrightEdge to Kenshoo to Marin Software to Adometry will help marketers tap into data. Facebook estimates the social site integrated with more than 7 million applications and Web sites, and members Like and comment daily on more than 2 billion posts. Twitter in June reported an estimated 200 million tweets sent daily, equivalent to a 10-million page book or 8,163 copies of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace.

Twitter has been using the platform to support its own marketing efforts, according to Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge. VMWare and Williams-Sonoma are among those using the platform, too. It can identify the Web site pages, Likes or Tweets that drive the most "valuable" traffic. Workflow tools push out the information to others in the company.

The Social Site Audit tool provides custom recommendations to help companies adopt Facebook's extended open graph tags and leverage interaction with customer. "The platform analyzes the relationship between the site and social signals, identifying the pages not properly optimized," Yu said. "It does it for social similar to the way it does it for search."

The platform also ties in Facebook pages to make optimization recommendations. The Social Signal Measurement tool enables marketers to measure, manage and act on Tweets and Facebook Likes that impact search rankings.

Search ROI Comparison allows marketers to measure the value of organic and paid search campaigns. Collaborative SEO allows teams to support across divisions, working more closely on SEO and paid search tasks.

The rollout of international support also comes complete with global tools. Global Insight aims to improve rankings success worldwide with support for Google on five continents, including Baidu, Yandex and Yahoo Japan.

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