Ooyala Customizes Video Analytics For Facebook

Ooyala launched an integration tool Thursday that gives companies like ESPN and Miramax direct access to real-time analytics from Facebook's 800 million active users who view and share videos. The insights provide data to serve up custom content.

Custom Analytics with Business Dimension Reporting for Ooyala Analysts allows publishers to customize and track video performance across audience segments. Publishers leveraging Facebook Connect can track demographic and psychographic statistics, such as age, gender, location and interests to create more targeted and relevant video viewing experiences for their users. Data is collected based on tags, rather than information associated with individuals.

Alex Holub, director of product management at Ooyala, said the technology supports uploaded content distributed online to laptops, desktops, mobile, tablets and other devices.

Analysis provides domain reports. When the content goes viral, the report provides information on the URLs. It also offers a graphical view of where content is consumed by country, and in the United States, by state. The platform also tracks the length of time viewers watch the videos, along with any ads that appear in the videos.

Ooyala recently secured an investment round from Motorola Mobility, which Google announced in August it would acquire for about $40 per share in cash -- an estimated $12.5 billion. Holub still expects to maintain the relationship with Motorola when the sale closes.

Holub said Ooyala competes in some ways with system integrators, such as Telefonica and Motorola Mobility. Google will ultimately benefit from the Ooyala and Motorola partnership, perhaps integrate the offering with YouTube.

"In the mid-market we encounter folks like Brightcove (in about 50% of our deals). As we move upmarket we encounter more of the system integrators like Accenture or even a Motorola," Holub says. "Now, Motorola has made an investment with us and our technology investments are often complementary to what Motorola offers -- especially around analytics, monetization, and cross-device delivery."

Ooyala also recently announced a deal with Miramax on Facebook to take the company into supporting content in social networks. This platform allows video watchers to view, share and discover content with friends on Facebook. Watching video through the virtual room requires a fee set by publishers and studios. 

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