Gauge Mobile, Newad Introduce Near-Field Ads

Near-field communications is one of the most promising routes for connecting out-of-home advertising with mobile devices, allowing consumers to interact with ads (both static and digital) simply by placing their phone near the advertising surface to receive discount coupons, enter contests, provide feedback or purchase products. Last week two Canadian companies, Gauge Mobile and Newad, unveiled what they claim is North America’s first dedicated out-of-home NFC advertising network.

The companies are bringing “Scanvee” NFC badges to 200 of Newad’s backlit display boards located on college and university campuses across Canada, promising to boost engagement with a relatively affluent, tech-savvy demographic with high rates of smartphone ownership. According to the companies, the NFC chip required to read the Scanvee tags is already embedded into the latest versions of BlackBerry, Android, Nokia and Samsung devices.

Interactive applications facilitated by the Scanvee badges include mobile commerce, with the NFC-enabled displays allowing actual purchases by interested consumers. For example, Gauge Mobile and Newad say movie studios can leverage the Scanvee NFC ad network to allow consumers to view trailers, check out reviews, find the nearest theater and purchase tickets directly from the displays.



Gauge Mobile CEO Tony Vassiliev stated:  “NFC has the potential to turn all indoor and outdoor displays, or other awareness-building media, both static and digital, into interactive points of sale.”

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