U.S. Hispanics To Dominate Critical TV Demo

hispanictvYoung-skewing TV networks might take note of major changes in four years: U.S-born Hispanics will command a dominant share of a key young TV viewing group.

Viacom-owned Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más, says young Hispanic-Americans will make up 65% of all 18-29 viewers by 2015.

Among the other results of the study: these Hispanic "millennials" are living at home even longer, which it says is the result of the recession and a lifestyle that delays marriage and kids. That translates into sharing more home responsibilities. The survey says Hispanic millennials may not be all that rebellious, respecting parental authority more than many of their non-Hispanic millennial colleagues.

But they might disagree with their parents on a significant point. While work is important, the study says they are very reluctant to take on a "live to work" mentality.



Nancy Tellet, senior vice president of research for Viacom International Media Networks, stated: "We need to develop strategies that consider this demo, to better serve the Hispanic market and deliver results."

Viacom says its research comes from traditional, nontraditional and social media techniques, including national online surveys, texting and Facebook interaction, as well as local focus groups and in-home studies in Los Angeles, New York and Houston.

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