Rich Media On Mobile Ads Bumps CTR Significantly

According to Jumptap, in its MobileSTAT Report for the month of September, rich media ad units provide significant lift in click-through rates, compared to advertisers’ use of standard mobile ad units such as banner ads. In an experiment, Jumptap reviewed more than 300 million campaign impressions, across several major Fortune 1000 advertisers that ran both rich and standard media with similar creative and messaging.

The results were striking; campaigns run with rich media ad units showed prominent lift over those with standard media:

  • One major retailer saw a 337% lift in CTR over their standard mobile banner campaign
  • A popular luxury auto manufacturer saw a 357% lift in CTR
  • An advertiser for a new theatrical release picked-up a 340% lift in CTR
  • A quick service restaurant acquired a 455% lift in CTR                    &nbs p;                                   
  • A major athletics manufacturer saw lift of 214% in CTR                    
  • A consumer electronics company experienced a lift of 362% in CTR

Paran Johar, CMO, Jumptap, said “... the demand for... dynamic content is growing... (mobile) advertisers want targeting combined with ad units that engage consumers... with ad units that facilitate user interaction including video and audio... (and that) rich media offers higher performance levels and greater measurement... the rising smartphone adoption and the sudden prevalence of tablets are increasing the ability... to reach consumers with extremely effective rich media advertising... ”

Lift in Click Through Rates Over Standard Mobile Banner Campaign 


% of Lift With Rich Media



Luxury auto


Theatrical release


Quick service restaurant


Athletics manufacturer


Consumer electronics


Source: Jumpstat, October 2011

 In addition to tablet traffic, the MobileSTAT Report covered network click-through rates, App vs. Mobile Web market share, mobile marketing and demographic trends, and top mobile advertising verticals. The Smartphone findings showed that:

  • Android maintained a dominant 47% of the smartphone market, unchanged from its share in August. Apple and RIM also held steady at 23% and 21% market share respectively
  • The data showed a 50/50 split between mobile web and app traffic. However, the platform usage within each environment was different. Android remained the leader in app traffic followed by iOS and RIM; but in the mobile web, feature phones prevailed, followed by smartphones.
  • Location-based targeting was cited as the most popular method used by advertisers to reach consumers on the Jumptap network
  • Retail, Automotive, and Entertainment were the largest verticals on the Jumptap network for September. For direct response performance, Government, Entertainment and Automotive showed the best CTRs for the month

Targeting Methods As A Percent of Premium Campaigns


% of Campaigns

Location (MSA)






Location (State)




Source: Jumpstat, October 2011

MobileSTAT (Simple Targeting & Audience Trends) is a monthly view into targeting and audience trends in mobile advertising.

For additional information, please visit Jumptap here.


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