Connected TV Users Clicking Like Crazy on Interactive Ads, Rovi Finds

Fresh on the heels of Toyota’s new media news that it’ll be running Camry spots in connected TVs from LG, entertainment discovery service Rovi plans to release new insights next week on the high levels of interaction it’s tracking for Internet TV ads.

In sharing a sneak peek of its study  into engagement with ads on connected TVs, Rovi said about 80% of platform users surveyed noticed the presence of ads on connected TVs, and about one-third of those who noticed the ads clicked on them.

Additional findings will be released next week, but these early data points are promising for brands interested in marketing in this medium. In fact, Rovi has said that, in general, consumers are clicking through on the ads it powers in connected TVs anywhere from 10% to 17% of the time.

The interaction rates may be high because consumers are often actively searching for programming on connected TVs and thus more engaged from the start. Rovi began delivering ads on connected TVs from both Sony and Samsung this past spring. Advertisers using the Rovi platform include Ford, Bank of Montreal, Twentieth Century Fox, and Carnival.



Meanwhile, the LG deal calls for ad platform partner YuMe to deliver the Toyota ads across LG connected TVs when users are checking out the app store or searching for shows. The set maker and the technology provider expect to add more advertisers to the in-app ad platform shortly.

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