Liberty Interactive Ups Revs, Liberty Media Dips

Now separately operating Liberty Interactive Corp., a group of Internet companies and cable channel QVC witnessed higher revenues for the third quarter, while Liberty Media Corp., now a stand-alone company comprising most pay TV Starz Channels, had lower revenues.

The Liberty Starz Group, now a Liberty Media company, had a 2% decline in revenue to $389 in the third quarter, with a 31% rise in operating income to $107 million.

Starz, which debuted the recent series "Boss," said its results were due to a decrease in the number of theatrical films released on home video, and a decrease in revenue from animation -- and the fact that no theatrical films were released in 2011 as compared to 2010.

Starz still posted higher effective consumer rates overall of $5 million because of higher subscriptions for all Starz Channels -- subscription units rose 9% and Encore subscriptions increased 3% compared to the third quarter of 2010. But the company says subscription growth in 2011 has been "impacted by a current lack of cooperative marketing campaigns with certain distribution partners."

Another Liberty Media company, Liberty Capital (the business group that had housed Starz) had a 40% decline in revenue to $151 million, Operating losses improved by $17 million to $14 million for the third quarter.

Some of Liberty Capital's businesses and interests include Atlanta National League Baseball Club (the owner of the Atlanta Braves), as well as equity interests in SiriusXM, Live Nation, Barnes & Noble and minority interests in Time Warner and Viacom.

On September 23, 2011, Liberty Media split off from Liberty Interactive Corp.

Liberty Interactive is mostly comprised of revenues from its cable channel shopping service QVC. It also has controlling interests in Provide Commerce,,, Celebrate Interactive, CommerceHub, and Right Start -- and owns interests in HSN,, Interval Leisure Group, Expedia and Lockerz.

Total revenues rose 8% in the period to $2.1 billion, with operating income before depreciation and amortization up 1% to $377 million.



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