Kids, Like Adults, Love Apple

Kids, they’re just like adults. And, just like adults, they want their Apple products.

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen, Apple’s iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone were the top three most desired consumer electronics gifts heading into the holiday season. In fact, the iPad, which was the most desired gift by kids last year (31%), increased its desirability this year, with 44% of kids having an interest in the product this holiday season. Rounding out the top three were the iPod Touch (30%) and the iPhone (27%).

Among teens, the iPad is also the most desirable device, with nearly a quarter expressing their desire for one (up from 18% last year), surpassing computers, which were 2010’s hot ticket. E-readers also broadened their appeal, with 18% desiring one, compared with 15% in 2010. Most console games, however, are of waning interest among teen consumers.

 “This is a testament to the strong awareness and excitement Apple has been able to generate among America’s youngest consumers, while at the same time resonating with teens and adults; [it’s] a difficult balance to achieve,” Nicole Pike, manager of games and research, tells Marketing Daily.



However, kids are still interested in owning separate gaming devices and accessories. Nintendo’s latest entry, the 3DS, was desired by about 25% of the kids surveyed, and Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox appealed to 23% (up from 11% last year). Nintendo’s older handheld, the DS, still appeals among young gamers, but the once-revolutionary Wii is third (behind Sony’s PlayStation 3, Microsoft’s sans-Kinect Xbox system).

“Given these devices are all at varying points in their product lifecycles, we would expect consumer excitement to also be at different levels for each,” Pike says. “For example, two products that offer newer, more unique gaming technologies, the Nintendo 3DS and Kinect for Xbox 360, generate a notable response from the kids.”

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