Audi Set To Advertise In Super Bowl

  • November 18, 2011

Audi of America announced that it will advertise during Super Bowl XLVI, the brand’s fifth consecutive time as an advertiser. San Francisco-based Venables Bell & Partners is creating the spot.

“The Super Bowl continues to be a platform to showcase a brand’s creativity and voice. Audi was the first automaker in its class to begin advertising in the Super Bowl five years ago and we’re once again excited to be a part of the action,” said Scott Keogh, chief marketing officer, Audi of America, in a statement.  He says the buy gives Audi record levels of awareness and showroom traffic, "with national consideration numbers showing significant spikes post game, and are confident that this year will follow suit.”

Last year's spot, which included a Twitter hashtag, featured the Audi A8 flagship, and was a parody of old luxury, depicted as a prison in which the warden was soporific (to some) saxophonist Kenny G. purveyor (or instigator, depending on one's point of view) of the smooth jazz movement. In the ad, G tortured inmates by playing his soprano sax stylings.

The year before, the spot rejiggered Cheap Trick's "Dream Police," as "Green Police" and depicted a road block going for miles because the eco cops were checking cars for emission standards (not such a bad idea, actually.) The A3 TDI got to go through the E-ZPass lane.

No word yet on what the new spot will be. 



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