CoreMedia Integrates Nielsen Ratings For DirecTV

3Ladies-WatchTVDirecTV's direct response advertisers and agencies will now have a easy time getting and analyzing ratings and demographic information.

Agency systems provider CoreMedia System has begun integration of Nielsen TV ratings for DirecTV into Core systems. Previously data had to be manually inserted.

Core is a major provider of media management systems for DirecTV advertisers and direct-response agencies. It is used by more than 100 direct-response agencies and marketers to plan, buy, manage, measure and optimize direct response media campaigns.

Amy Leifer, vice president of advertising sales, DirecTV, said by using CoreDirect, "agencies will be able to more easily analyze DirecTV's market performance so they can better manage their return on investment.”

The companies say the move will provide more accurate performance data for the satcaster's 11 cable network "clusters," which focus on particular genre, including precise quarter-hour data.

"Our clients will now be able to reference DirecTV's ratings data during the planning, in-flight and post analysis stages of DRTV advertising campaigns,” said Glenn DeKraker, CoreMedia Systems CEO.



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