Facebook App Screens Web TV

FacebookNew apps and services continue to seek ways to incorporate big TV and video content into their plans.

FreeCast.com says Facebook users will now have an app to watch Web-based television channels directly within Facebook -- all free to the user.

FreeCast did not detail specific channels on their services, but said that "content originates from numerous sources around the world, such as TV and cable networks, YouTube, Vimeo, movie channels and radio stations -- all major content distributors."

How will Freecast get paid? Display advertising -- not video advertising -- that supports TV and video services.

William Mobley, CEO of FreeCast.com, stated: “Essentially, we’ll be offering display advertising opportunities to interested parties. These could include, an on-channel advertisement by the many special interest or local groups that will create many new channels, or something located within our menu and channel guide system."

With the connection, Facebook users would have the ability to get alerts when new content that may interest them becomes available.

Apart from Facebook, FreeCast recently launched as a program guide targeting users' networks and videos that are free.

“FreeCast expects to be the next version of TV Guide for the Internet,” said Mobley. "Our goal is to have the largest open-model collection of media channel links on the Internet, directing consumers to content how and when they want it. We are instantly updating links to over 40 hours of newly uploaded video to the Internet every minute."



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