Burnett, ATV8 Integrate TV WIth Social Platforms

SurvivorTV producer Mark Burnett Productions has struck a deal with digital technology company ACTV8.ME, which connects real-time digital content of TV shows supported by special advertising messaging.

The maker of CBS' "Survivor" and NBC's "The Voice" has partnered with ACTV8, which delivers what it calls a "complete global media integration platform" -- Internet, social, and mobile." The company claims to create a televised world where "viewers won't skip branded messages and integration."

Anyone with an iPad, iPhone or Android can watch favorite TV shows while sharing their experience. The platform synchronizes a user's mobile device or tablet to any live or recorded video broadcast. It  provides interactive content about the show, as well as connections to Facebook and Twitter.

Consumers also get special coupons and discounts from major TV advertisers as part of this digital content integration.

"As consumer adoption of the DVR grows, TV ad spot values decline," states Brian Shuster, founder and CEO of ACTV8. "How can we keep the viewer watching?"

"ACTV8 and its partners are set to reinvent the value proposition for the TV networks, the advertisers and most importantly…the consumer," says Shuster.

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