IPG Mediabrands Gains TV Efficiencies Via Social Media Data

Watching-Looking to gain more specific real-time social media data from TV viewers, Interpublic's IPG Mediabrands has struck a deal with Networked Insights.

The alliance will examine social media TV data to gain better efficiency for clients' TV advertising dollars.

Networked Insights is offering an unusual guarantee "that clients will see at least 10% better return on their TV investments." The deal will look to help advertisers in and around next year's upfront buying market.

“We see a big disconnect between the TV shows a brand advertises on and the percentage of their audiences that are truly watching those programs,” stated Dan Neely, CEO, Networked Insights.

“We have yet to see a single brand get this right," he added, "which is why we can offer a guarantee on our results. Enabling a brand’s TV media budget to get more reach for the same dollars spent is a win all around.”

Networked Insights says it can help brands plan, optimize and measure across their TV, online media and content activities -- as well as diagnosing the exact TV shows a brand’s audience is watching by analyzing real-time data from social media. This analysis is compiled from data from a variety of social media sources, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and forums, as well as search and Web clickstream data.



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