Help Wanted: Mobile Marketers Apply Within

  • December 21, 2011

Marketing professionals looking for work or to switch jobs should hone their understanding of mobile media. Demand for mobile marketing skills is accelerating noticeably as companies plan for 2012. Key growth areas are Los Angeles, which saw a 58.70% jump in posts over same period last year, and New York, up 32.10%. Seattle, San Francisco and San Jose were also job heavy.

According to the Wanted Analytics jobs research firm, postings for marketers with mobile skill sets are up 16% in the last quarter from the same period in 2010. More than 4,400 job postings have been cited by the measurement company in the last 90 days that include mobile marketing specifications. 10% of all marketing jobs currently include a call for mobile skills.

The top marketing posts that now include mobile in their description: product managers, business sevelopment managers/directors and category managers, followed by strategic consultants, online or digital marketing managers and event field managers. 

Wanted Analytics scans and indexes job listings to detect hiring and job availability trends. It supplies data to The Conference Board’s Help-Wanted OnLine Data series. -- Steve Smith




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