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Republic Wireless Revises Carrier Plan

Upstart phone-service provider Republic Wireless earned praise for its plans to offer $19 a month unlimited calling. But the carrier also got criticized, notes All Things D,  for saying that those who used its unlimited cellular plan too heavily might get booted off the service.

Republic’s thesis is that with so many Wi-Fi networks, most people only occasionally need cellular networks. So Reupblic believes they can do most of their calling, texting and surfing over Wi-Fi. The carrier’s initial service plan promised unlimited calling and data use, but encourages users to use Wi-Fi for most of their needs. Users who exceeded certain usage could find themselves looking elsewhere for service.

That's changed: Republic still promotes Wi-Fi, but is no longer threatening to cut them off if they use cellular networks too much. Even with the move, Republic Wireless still probably isn’t for everyone. It offers a single basic Android phone, and users must pay for that phone upfront.



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