Nielsen: TV Proliferates, Mobile Ads OK, If Apps Free

Phone-and-TV-CollageThe latest Nielsen report says over one-third of U.S. television homes now have four TV sets.

In a report released in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nielsen says this means some 35.9 million homes -- out of 114.7 million overall homes -- have four or more television sets. Homes that have more than three TVs are at 28.3 million. Homes that own more than two TVs number 32.7 million.

This trend also is part of more advertising home and away.

For example, Nielsen says when it comes to ads as part of apps on new digital mobile devices, 51% of consumers are OK with advertising on their devices -- if they can access content for free. The survey also says while free apps are preferred by mobile consumers, many take on a combination of both free and paid apps --- now averaging a total of 33 apps on their device.

Looking at the bigger video picture, U.S. traditional TV consumers now view 32 hours and 47 minutes per week of TV on average --- with older consumers taking in more. For example, those 65 and older view 46 hours and 16 minutes a week.

Watching video on the Internet is still low compared to traditional TV -- just 27 minutes per week on average. Time-shifted programming is still growing, now averaging two hours and 21 minutes per week -- and is more than twice as big as watching video on the Internet.

Viewing video on mobile devices is still low -- although growing -- at just seven minutes a week, but it is 20 minutes a week for those ages 12-17. Overall, usage time on the Internet is four hours.



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