Cox Cable Inventory Added To Google TV Ads

Watching-TVGoogle's auction-based TV ad market has picked up inventory from cable operator Cox Communications, boosting its reach into 42 million homes. The online Google TV Ads platform adds Cox homes to those served by distributors such as Dish Network and Verizon.

Google markets the system as a way for small businesses to break into TV advertising, providing second-by-second performance data culled from set-top boxes. The Cox inventory comes from the slots the operator owns on the local level on 75-plus cable networks.

With the addition of Cox, Google now has access to inventory from a major cable, satellite (Dish Network and DirecTV) and telco TV operator (Verizon) operator. (Also, rep firm Viamedia.)  Not all participants offer space in as many channels as Cox.



Word of the Cox arrangement came via a blog post by Mark Piesanen, the director of strategic partner development for the Google system, who wrote that Cox will be able to use it to attract some new national marketers.

He also indicated that the cable operator Suddenlink would be joining the Google initiative by adding more homes into the pool, taking advantage of a system that simplifies an operator’s ability to put “narrow slices” of ad space up for sale as Google looks to stitch together a national footprint.

“As thousands of these slices are aggregated, this pool represents a large national audience that marketers can then customize to their audience goals,” Piesanen wrote.

BendBroadband, an Oregon cable company, participated in a trial of the new system last May.

Google TV Ads works via the company’s AdWords system and advertisers offer how much they are willing to spend for particular reach. They can bid on inventory in particular shows, targeting specific demographics and dayparts.

Google looks to provide data on performance within 24 hours.

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