UK Kids Series Coming to Fox Box

  • January 31, 2003
The Cramp Twins, the #1 rated series among Kids 4-15 in the United Kingdom, is coming to the United States to join 4Kids Entertainment's Fox Box lineup beginning Saturday, Feb. 8, immediately following the premiere of the all-new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Produced by TV-Loonland and based on two graphic novels by Brian Wood, THE CRAMP TWINS is the story of Wayne and Lucien Cramp, 10-year-old twins who are not at all alike. TV-Loonland's The Cramp Twins has been an out-of-the-box hit since its September 2001 debut in the U.K. The series is now in its second season on Cartoon Network U.K. and CBBC (BBC One), and boasts an estimated 3.7 million loyal viewers every week. THE CRAMP TWINS has also been sold in over 52 countries worldwide.
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