Survey Shows Growth in Online Shopping

  • February 3, 2003
DoubleClick Inc. yesterday announced the results of its second annual Multi-Channel Holiday Shopping Study, which shows online shopping growing as a sales channel and reveals that price is declining as a driver of online sales. Multi-channel shoppers, consumers who browse or purchase through more than one channel (retail store, catalog, Internet), continue to spend more than single channel shoppers, with triple channel buyers spending the most on average. While retail remains the dominant holiday shopping channel, it did decline from 2001 levels (from 92% in 2001 to 87% in 2002). The Internet is the only channel that is increasing in usage, with 64% of respondents using the Internet for their holiday shopping or browsing (up from 61% in 2001), and 10% shopping exclusively online (up from 6% in 2001). The number of respondents that shop exclusively in retail stores decreased from 36% in 2001 to 33% in 2002. Forty three per cent of multi-channel shoppers say that they spent more online than in 2001 and 28% spent the same. Online browsing and buying should continue to grow in 2003 with 59% of multi-channel shoppers intending to browse more and 45% expecting to buy more online in 2003. The 2002 study shows that price is diminishing as a driver of Internet sales. While price remains the primary reason shoppers browsed in retail stores yet purchased online, it decreased from 2001 levels. The availability of a better selection online increased considerably as a factor in shopper's decision to shop online after browsing in retail stores. Selection was cited more frequently than speed and 24-hour availability as reasons for switching from retail to online shopping. Of those that browsed on the Internet and purchased in retail stores, better price and better return policies grew as reasons for switching channels, while convenience and the desire to see or try a product before purchasing decreased slightly this year, but remain the most cited reasons. The 2002 study, directed by Beyond Interactive and conducted by Greenfield Online, is based upon 1,000 respondents who were interviewed online between January 7 and January 12, 2003.
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