Disney Retains Valuable Brand Status, MTV Drops

Disney held firm as the ninth-most-valuable brand in the world, while MTV dropped several slots, but remained in the top 60. Others with significant media interests landing in Interbrand’s annual rankings of the top 100 are Google, Microsoft, Apple, eBay and Yahoo.

Disney has a brand value of $29 billion, up 1%. The top seven most-valuable remained the same in the 2011 as the year before: Coke, IBM, Microsoft, Google, GE, McDonald’s and Intel.

Apple, however, surged from 17th to 8th as its brand value jumped 58% to $33.5 billion.

After a year when they helped spark revolutions in the Middle East, both Facebook and Twitter failed to register in the top 100, although that should change when becoming public companies, since it will allow Interbrand to better evaluate company financial performances.

MTV slipped from 55th to 58th with a value of $6.4 billion. As some suggest that Yahoo needs to refine its identity, it plunged 10 spots from 66th to 76th, with its value falling 11% to $4.4 billion.  



On the flip side, Amazon.com had a breakout year, rising from 36th to 26th, with value up 32% to $12.8 billion. At 36th, eBay -- up seven slots -- saw its value climb 16% to $9.8 billion.

As Coke tops the charts, Pepsi came in at 22nd.  At a time when the economy struggled, multiple luxury brands surged in value, if not in the rankings, as Louis Vuitton (18th) and Gucci (39th) were both up 5%; Hermes (66th) was up 12%; Cartier (70th) was up 18%; Tiffany (73rd) was up 9%; Armani (93rd) was up 10%; and Burberry (95th) was up 20%.


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