Harris: NCIS' Harmon Most Popular TV Star, DeGeneres Now No. 2

Mark-HarmonLooking to more closely align your brands with consumers' favorite TV stars? For the second year in a row, look no further than Mark Harmon of CBS' "NCIS."

In 2011, according to The Harris Poll, Harmon grabbed the top spot for favorite TV personality for high-rated CBS network drama.

But it isn't only network ratings that count. Ellen DeGeneres and her Warner Bros. "Ellen" syndicated show moved up to second position, just behind Harmon. She was in 7th place a year ago.

Next in order were some non-prime time names of talk shows or late-night shows: Jon Stewart, Bill O'Reilly, Jay Leno, and David Letterman. Oprah Winfrey came next. She was in second place a year ago, and now came in seventh. For many years, the poll showed her in first place.

Some prime-time network stars came next: Hugh Laurie of "House" and Jim Parsons of "The Big Bang Theory." In tenth place, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert. Leno, Parsons and Colbert were not on the list a year ago.

Leno, Letterman and Winfrey have been pretty consistently on the top 10 list of favorite TV personalities since 1993. Off the top 10 list from a year ago was Conan O'Brien (who was 4th), Charlie Sheen (tied for 5th), and Steve Carrell, 10th.

Breaking down preferences by demographic and/or group. Men prefer Harmon; women prefer DeGeneres. Political preference has Harmon tops among Republicans; Democrats like DeGeneres. Conservatives are strong for O'Reilly. College graduates are strong for Stewart.

Harris surveyed some 2,200 adults in December.



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