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Chillax: Aura Cacia Calls For National Day


The temperatures may be dropping, but people may still need to chill out. Having identified Jan. 23 as one of the most stressful days of the year, Aura Cacia, a maker of natural and organic essential oils, is calling for consumers to take 15 minutes on Monday for a “National Moment of Chill.”

Through its Facebook page, the brand is encouraging people to take 15 minutes at noon (which the company has designated “sigh noon,”) to take it easy and breathe. It hit upon the 23rd as its launch day because it is a time when New Year’s resolutions slip away, holiday bills come due and the fun and light of the holidays have passed.

The idea sprang out of the company's current advertising campaign, says Jane Merten, senior brand manager for Aura Cacia. The campaign focuses on “simplifying” the use of essential oils, and working them into everyday life. The National Day of Chill is a way to expand bringing relaxation into some of the more stressful times of the year, she says.



“We’re busy people, and how do we sit back, chill out and just breathe and enjoy our surroundings?” Merten tells Marketing Daily. “A lot of people use our products to help them relax and de-stress. That’s why we were focused on stressful days throughout the year.”

Beyond this coming Monday, the company has targeted several other days this year designated for “Chill Outs.” Those days include April 12 (right before filing taxes); July 24 (traditionally the hottest day of the year); Sept. 4 (the day after Labor Day); Nov. 5 (the day before Election Day) and Dec. 22 (the shortest day of the year, and the last Saturday before Christmas).

The first National Day of Chill is heavily dependent upon the use of social media to spread the world. The company is noting the promotion on its Facebook page, where users can pledge to take the chill-out time on Monday. Aura Cacia is then hoping the pledges will recruit their friends, Merten says.

“Our ultimate goal is for people to have fun with it,” Merten says. “We’re trying to get as many people up and active [in the promotion], and then we hope each event will get bigger and bigger.”

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