Fastclick Offers Dayparts

  • February 4, 2003
Fastclick today formally announced the ability to target consumers by daypart, much like a broadcast model. The precursor to daypart buying, Fastclick’s time-of-day/day-of-week targeting, was first successfully implemented in 2000 and is now used for over 40% of Fastclick’s ad campaigns. Fastclick’s popular pop-under, a large format audio-visual stand-alone window, features television commercial characteristics enhanced by sophisticated targeting, tracking, and the ability to interact directly with consumers. “No other media has the same level of penetration during business hours,” said Jeff Hirsch, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Fastclick. “Dayparting allows online advertising to directly compliment offline strategies, including drive time radio and prime time TV.” Daypart targeting is provided at no additional charge, and can be modified in the advertiser’s interface at any time throughout a campaign’s run. In addition, Fastclick offers a breadth of targeting options, including sophisticated geo-targeting, category and bandwidth targeting.
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