GetGlue Claims 160,000 Super Bowl Check-Ins, Skews Female

Superbowl-StickersIn its final count of activity off of the Sunday Super Bowl, entertainment check-in service GetGlue said 160,000 people tagged the event in its cross-platform service.

In a detailed timeline the media social network issued this week, the highest rate of check-ins apparently occurred at the start of the fourth quarter. A chart of the progression of check-in activity shows that less than 1,000 users per minute tagged the show at kickoff, but more than a thousand check-ins per minute occurred around 9 p.m., when the fourth quarter started. The third-most-popular check-in time was at halftime.

And while many of the sports-oriented apps may have been targeting a male audience, GetGlue skewed female, with 55% of check-ins coming from women viewing the event.



GetGlue is a multipurpose service, allowing users to share a range of entertainment activities, from TV to movies to books. For this event, the audience skewed female (55%). Sixty-six percent of check-ins were coming from some device: 34% on iPhone, 19% on Android, 10% on other phones and 3% on iPads.

This was also a New York crowd, at least in their team spirit. Conversations and mentions in the user stream heavily favored the Giants (62%) and New York (65%). Ads were mentioned more than 23,000 times. Madonna was mentioned 3,300 times.  

GetGlue reports that the 160,000 check-ins set a record for a single event. Prior to Sunday night, the most checked-in event for GetGlue had been the Season 2 premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead," which resulted in 43,000 check-ins. 

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