Online Video Drives Higher Returns On Top 10 Super Bowl Ads

Top original Super Bowl TV commercials saw an 113% average return of their media investment because of additional online video viewership.

Within the first three days, the top ten Super Bowl commercials generated an average of $862,000 in earned video impressions, according to media research company Kantar Video. The top ten spots grabbed a total of $8.6 million in additional value, with a total online video viewership of 95.1 million.

The average of $862,000 in earned video impression would be 25% of the cost of the traditional TV Super Bowl commercial on NBC this past Sunday. That price tag was pegged at a average of $3.5 million. (Kantar says its online earned video value is based on equalized CPMs and duration of online video unit.)

All Super Bowl spots pulled in a collective $11.1 million in additional earned media value -- nearly a threefold increase of 256% over last year's Super Bowl on CBS. Collectively, the Super Bowl spots pulled more than $2 million worth of earned viewership before the game started.



Two spots grabbed north of $2 million apiece -- a commercial for the Honda CR-V starring Matthew Broderick ($2.24 million) and Acura TRX (2.18 million). The Honda spot pulled in 14.8 million views; the Acura commercial scored 18.5 million.

Kantar believes longer formats of commercials online -- one minute to one-and-a-half minutes, for example -- helped push more viewers to watch online. It also says that pre-game marketing of these commercials improved value.

Super Bowl celebrities were featured in many TV commercials. But Kantar says "a strong execution around an idea that is central to a brand drives engagement and may serve as a more sustainable concept as campaigns continue throughout the year."

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  1. James Williams from Karlen Williams Graybill, February 14, 2012 at 4:32 p.m.

    Not sure I understand the valuations. The online viewership is costing $90-160 CPM???

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