Google Plus Gets Mixed Reviews

According to Ask Your Target Market’s (AYTM) latest survey, 38% of respondents said they always use Google as their search engine. 28% said they mostly use Google, 16% said they sometimes use Google, and 17% said they use a different search engine. Only 2% said they do not use search engines.

Do you use Google as your primary search engine?


% of Respondents

Yes, I always use Google


Yes, I mostly use Google


I sometimes use Google


No, I use a different search engine


No, I don't really use search engines


Source: AYTM Research, February 2012

The AYTM survey also notes that Google is constantly updating its search technology, along with all of its secondary services such as Google+. However, says the report, some experts are beginning to worry that Google is putting the promotion of products like Google+ above providing solid search results.

As far as Google+ is concerned, 19% currently use it, while 20% have an account but don’t actively use it, and 41% do not use it at all. Another 20% don’t even know what Google+ is.

Do you use Google+?


% of Respondents



I have an account, but don’t really use it




I don't know what Google+ is


Source: AYTM Research, February 2012

But in the AYTM survey, only 16% were fully on board with the idea of personalized search results. 39% said it seems like a good idea, but they still have some concerns about privacy issues. And 45% of respondents disliked the idea, and said they think everyone should see the same results when searching the same word or phrase.

Do you like the idea of personalizing search results based on past searches and info from your social networking sites?


% of Total



Yes, but I do have some concerns about privacy


No, I think everyone should see the same results when searching the same keyword


Source: AYTM Research, February 2012

When asked if more personalized search results would persuade them to use Google+, only 8% of those who know about Google+ but don’t currently use it said this would change their minds. 48% said they might consider it, and 44% said no.

Would you be more likely to use Google+ if you knew you would get more tailored search results?


% of Responses







Source: AYTM Research, February 2012

The report concludes by saying that Google definitely has a lot of power in the online marketplace, but are they using this power inappropriately or are they just trying to create the best search engine for users?

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  1. Ruth Barrett from, February 23, 2012 at 11:27 a.m.

    A quote attributed to Mark Zuckerberg points to parochial aspect of local on a Web that supports McLuhan's vision of the global village:

    "A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now that people dying in Africa."

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