IgnitionOne Grades Engagement

Will-MargiloffMeasuring digital marketing results doesn't always come easy. It takes the ability to track performance across multiple media. Marketers may know when a consumer makes a purchase or downloads a white paper, but might not have the tools to monitor the length of time spent on a Web site page to where the ad leads the user -- or how many times the consumer had to visit that page before making the purchase. Not having the proper tools to pull the data together can make buying media across search, social and display even more difficult.

IgnitionOne on Tuesday will introduce an "engagement optimization" feature as part of the company's digital marketing suite, which analyzes metrics grabbed from a marketer's Web site. The metrics create a score. It analyzes frequency of visits, paid views per session, and time spent on-site. The feature maps the scores to the marketer's goals to determine whether an ad serving up on Google, Facebook or another site across the Internet influences consumers in a positive way.



IgnitionOne CEO Will Margiloff believes the feature fills a gap that exists between media consumption and advertising budgets because it offers marketers the ability to optimize budgets based on consumer behavior and interest. It also allows brand marketers to understand the effectiveness of their ads as it relates to their goals.

Margiloff said cross-platform attribution will likely come next. The company is working on tools that will track attribution from a phone to a PC to a tablet and back again.

Engagement Optimization measures a site visitor’s activity to show the effectiveness of tracked media channels and allows marketers to focus media budgets on the advertising that creates the most engagement. The metrics --  such as time spent on a Web site and frequency of visits -- help create an Engagement Score that places a numerical value on each Web site based on the visitor's level of involvement and tendency to act.

Without this or a similar tool, marketers are able to analyze the direct response on the consumer from the ad whether they convert or not, but are not likely to have the data to tie in time spent with the ad or the frequency of visits to the page on the marketer's site.

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  1. Kevin Lee from Didit, March 6, 2012 at 4:11 p.m.

    Engagement, Microconversions, Brand Lift proxies or weighted behaviors. Optimizing around these has been something many of us have been doing for years (even automated). Well, at least my team has been doing it ;-)
    After all, I tried to coin the phrase BEI (branding effectiveness index) to describe this process in 2002 right about the time I had my team code the automation around the process.

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