SNTA Pushes Syndie Show Value To Advertisers

Watching-TV-ABCStill thinking about TV advertising clutter for this upfront period? The syndication TV industry would like to remind you how well it does.

According to the business ad trade group Syndication Network Television Association, national syndication TV shows have 30% shorter commercial pods than either network TV or cable TV shows. Syndication commercial pods average 2 minutes and 24 seconds, versus broadcast networks' average of 3 minutes and 22 seconds  (3:22) and cable TV networks' 3 minute and 3 second average (3:03).

The SNTA would also add that it has "exclusive" national-only commercial pods -- no local spots, no promo spots -- in many shows, and they only average one minute and 28 seconds. That's just about the length of three 30-second commercials. Plus, there is category exclusivity in these pods.



There is better news for marketers when it comes to some 16 syndicated shows: They have just a one-minute national-only commercial pod. For marketers, fewer commercials in a pod means better recall. Those pods with one to three spots have an adult unaided index of 157, while those with four to six have a 117 index and pods with seven to nine have a 87 index.

Syndication also says it still has a great story to tell when it comes to time-shifted TV shows -- it's rare for syndie programs.

About 88% of syndicated shows are watched live, versus 48% for broadcast network shows. With that in mind, viewers see 74% of commercial playback versus 49% for prime.

Syndication C3 ratings -- live commercial ratings plus three days of time-shifted viewing -- more closely follow its live-same-day program ratings -- around 95% to broadcast networks' 72%.

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