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Google Selling Movies Online

Google is reportedly considering selling movies online, yet few Web watchers think Amazon or Apple’s iTunes will lose sleep over the prospect.

“Managers at Google Play are considering a plan to sell films,” CNet reports, citing sources. “Google Play, formerly known as Android Market, only rents movies now, but the company has shown an interest in giving owners of Android handhelds the option to buy.”

 “Given that rentals aren't going great for Google, not that they're going great for anyone else, sales are probably going to fare even worse,” suggests Softpedia.

Writes The Verge: “Despite Google's incredible success with Android, it has thus far had difficulty establishing a successful media ecosystem, but whether the addition of movie purchases will change its fortunes remains to be seen.”



In Softpedia’s opinion, the only reason the search giant would get into movie sales is to appease the insatiable appetites of Hollywood studios. “Hollywood studios are said to be tying Google's continued ability to rent titles to the addition of purchases, which obviously come in at a higher price point -- with more profit -- than rentals alone,” The Verge concurs.

Still, not everyone is counting out Google’s ability to sell movies. “If Google does make it easier for Android users to transfer purchased content to other devices … allowing users to stream content to TVs and other devices wirelessly … movie sales could turn out to be quite popular,” reasons

According to Phones Review: “One does have to say that offering movies for sale on Google Play could be a tremendous move, and as Android is the most popular platform out there, offering movies for sale could draw in big bucks depending of course on asking price.”


As such, “I do think it’s a good idea for Google Play to offer some movie titles for purchase,” writesSlashGear’s Ryan McGlaun. “Many movie fans like to have films with them wherever they go and resort to either ripping DVDs and tossing them on their tablets and smartphones or buying versions that come with free digital copies.”


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