What Facebook 'Like' And Email Have In Common


The reasons a consumer might click on a Facebook "Like” button and subscribe to an email list are similar, according to a study released Tuesday.

The study, released Tuesday from Constant Contact and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, finds that consumers are more likely to opt in to receive communications from local businesses than national businesses in email and on Facebook.

The study analyzed the behavior of 1,481 consumers ages 18 and older in the United States. It reveals that producing not-relevant content or over-communicating messages drives consumers to unlike and unsubscribe. The top reason that consumers subscribe to a business’s email list is to receive discounts and special offers.

Consumers primarily "Like" Facebook pages for discounts and promotions. Consumers decide to opt in to email and Facebook for similar reasons. One-quarter of consumers prefer to opt in to local businesses compared with national businesses via email and Facebook.



Despite the widespread use of mobile devices, 84% of consumers primarily access email from their computers. About 30% of consumers access Facebook from a mobile device, and 82% prefer their computers. Lack of interest and over-sending content are the top two reasons that consumers do not open emails from a business or nonprofit.

And the organization's name and subject line topic are two of the most important reasons that consumers open emails from a business or non-profit company. Some 64% said they would open an email from a business or non-profit if it had the organization's name attached, whereas 47% referred to the subject line.

As marketers know, when it comes to influencing organic search rankings, however, the click of a Like or an open button will contribute different signals. 

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