Something Massive Becomes Even More So, Acquires, Gets Into 'Post-PC' Act

Living up to its name, Los Angeles-based digital agency Something Massive has acquired New York-based, a tech-focused creative shop best known for some remarkable augmented reality campaigns for brands such as Red Bull, Ben & Jerry’s and others. As part of the move, the agency is adopting a new position in the crowded field of digital marketing services, claiming to be the “first post-PC advertising agency.”

While that positioning may not seem politically correct on Madison Avenue, the reference comes from a well-known concept coined by late Apple Founder Steve Jobs, which essentially means that creativity is no longer bound by the constraints of a computer screen and can now migrate to any screen, or even across screens, based on how users experience them.

The “post-PC” concept is at the heart of the current edition of MediaPost’s MEDIA magazine, which was guest edited by Co-Founders Adam Broitman and Jonathan Swords. Following the merger, Broitman becomes chief creative strategist and will lead Something Massive’s post-PC push.

Something Massive, which was founded in 2008 by the former management team of DNA Studio after it was sold to Whitman Hart Interactive in 2006, is headed by Partner and Co-Founder Rebecca Coleman, who said the acquisition of expands the agency’s footprint to “all devices and form factors in more meaningful and impactful ways.”

While the post-PC concept may seem a bit soft and fuzzy to some in the ad industry, Something Massive has actually created a platform for managing it. Dubbed the PPCC&C HQ, the new platform stands for “Post PC Conversation, Content and Curation Head Quarters,” and Broitman said it will help the agency and its clients develop Web sites that are more “conducive to desktop, mobile, tablet, TV and any other screen size.”

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