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People Like Siri, They Really Like Her

  • March 27, 2012

Apparently, Siri is a hit.

According to Parks Associates, more than half of Apple’s iPhone 4S users are “very satisfied” with Siri voice command features. In addition, 21% are “satisfied,” leaving very few dissatisfied with the voice recognition features. Yet, they’re not sure they want it everywhere. Thirty-seven percent of 4S users want similar voice-command interface for their TV set, while 20% would not.

"Siri is clearly a hit among the initial iPhone user base," said John Barrett, director of consumer analytics for Parks Associates, in a statement. "Consumers like Siri because it's convenient, easy to use, and helpful for remembering important information (e.g., birthdays) and its hands-free capability makes it easy to send texts, emails, and phone calls. However, I would have expected more owners to want Siri for their TV set. These are the folks that rushed out to get the new iPhone 4S."



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