Angry Birds Eat The Worm - Buy Games Studio

AngryBirdsAfter 10 million downloads of its "Angry Birds" space sequel in the first three days it was released across app platforms, parent company Rovio Entertainment must have a little cash to throw around. The maker of the most recognizable mobile game on the planet has acquired Futuremark Games, the studio behind games such as "Unstoppable Gorg" and "Hungribles."

Rovio has been determined to leverage its success with the "Angry Birds" game and licensing juggernaut into a broader entertainment business. Last year the company bought the Komba Animation Studio. Rovio executives have said in the past that they envision a Disney-like model for their company where game and other entertainment properties are extended across media.

Rovio is acquiring Futuremark Games from Futuremark, which is at core a computer and graphics benchmark tools company. It makes software like 3DMark, PCMark and Powermark, all familiar diagnostic and speed testing tools in the PC industry. While this deal does not include the game properties Futuremark has already developed, the sale enables the firm to concentrate on its core competencies. Rovio essentially is buying the team of technicians and developers, not the games.      



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