Corona Invites Viewers To Break Free From Rut



Corona Light is debuting a national marketing campaign that encourages consumers to trade up from their brown bottle domestic light routine to a Corona Light for a change of pace. 

As the brand continues to strengthen its identity, the light beer brand is looking to increase its trial with consumers who are used to buying domestic light beers, said Jim Sabia, Crown Imports chief marketing officer.

“We wanted to explore the concept of how trading up on your beer can alter the course of your entire night,” Sabia said in a release. “Our campaign takes aim at the post-college, day-to-day rut that many people find themselves falling into.”

The campaign includes two TV spots, debuting nationally on April 23, and a customizable “Rut Buster!” Facebook application, which offers rut-busting alternatives for those who find themselves caught in a monotonous routine.



Ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, production company The Directors Bureau and director Mike Mills are behind the campaign.

The spots both open with a still-frame montage, featuring two young males helplessly moving through life’s daily routine; eat, work, brown bottle light beer, sleep, repeat. The cycle is only broken when they make the trade up to a Corona Light. From there, a different night ensues. The spots end with the new tagline: “A Refreshing Change of Beer.”

Corona Light will launch the “Rut Buster!” Facebook application in June, which allows users to create, customize and share a “Rut Buster!” video montage with Facebook friends who are in danger of falling into one of their own.

Upon receiving a “Rut Alert!” on their Facebook wall, the recipient can choose to “Bust my Rut” by selecting the post and revealing their personalized “Rut Buster” video. The recipient can then choose to create a response video or “bust out” another friend in his or her network.

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