HDTV, Smartphones Most Popular Consumer Purchases

While mobile devices continue to attract consumers’ fascination, those electronic pieces perched permanently in the living room remain highly desirable among U.S. consumers.

ABI Research says for the next several months, HDTVs will be the biggest device on consumers' list: 25% of those surveyed say they intend to buy one.

Purchase of smartphones is also popular, registering a 25% number. Next comes gaming consoles, which polled at 18%; blu-ray players and tablets came next, with a 17% and a 16% score, respectively.

While some electronic surveys note that purchasing new mobile devices seems to be in vogue -- a trend that could hurt existing older technologies/equipment -- ABI believes mobile will be additive.

“There will always be value in viewing content on the large screen, so we do not see these mobile applications as subtractive or competitive to the connected CE [consumer electronics] space,” states ABI senior analyst Michael Inouye.

That said, ABI believes the connectivity of mobile devices with existing big TV screens is still a foreign activity for many U.S. consumers.

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