Bee Media Buys Adcentricity

Mobile and place-based media are being fused with the acquisition of Adcentricity, which aggregates digital out-of-home networks, by Bee Media, which operates a mobile shopping platform. Under the terms of the agreement, Bee Media will assume Adcentricity’s name and operate as Adcentricity under the continuing leadership of Bee Media CEO Doug Woolridge.

Former Adcentricity CEO Rob Gorrie will stay on with the company as a senior strategic advisor. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

As the deal was announced, Adcentricity unveiled two new products to help marketers reach consumers via combined mobile and digital out-of-home campaigns. The first, ADMobile, is a platform for location-based mobile shopping, including mobile interfaces, shopping tools, location services, mobile payment, content management, analytics and reporting.

The second, an expanded version of the company’s ADFormat offering, is an automated content generation tool that allows advertisers to create campaigns with video, copy, images and graphics for distribution across multiple screens, including DOOH and mobile.



Adcentricity will also continue to offer its portfolio of DOOH and in-store planning and buying services, which include ad production and formatting capabilities, as well as planning, executing and reporting across multiple DOOH networks. Data from various sources, including Nielsen, Environics, Polk, Simmons, PMB and BBM, is integrated into campaign planning to allow marketers to target specific audiences.

Gorrie stated the company can now "target and distribute addressable content across every digital channel with a location attached to it."

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