Merck Launches Fertility Website, Awareness Effort

Pharma giant Merck is partnering with a national infertility association to launch an awareness campaign and fertility website.

Merck and RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association aim to remind couples that a “conversation with a specialist could be the start of something ‘small.’” One in eight couples has difficulty in getting pregnant, and the campaign is meant to offer encouragement and resources.

Infertility is a common medical condition, one that can be an extremely emotional and difficult experience for couples. It's often the emotional barriers, or simply a lack of information, that leads couples to delay seeking the help of a fertility specialist, which may impact their success, according to Merck.



The campaign, which corresponds with National Infertility Awareness Week, is themed “It’s Just a Conversation.” It includes an interactive website,, which provides information in the form of a fertility knowledge quiz, a doctor discussion guide and a fertility specialist locator.

Both the website and the awareness campaign aim to inspire couples to remain hopeful and educate themselves by starting a conversation with a fertility specialist.

"Many couples having difficulty conceiving are looking for answers and don't know where to turn,” said  Dr. Roshini Raj, who Merck has enlisted as the face of the campaign. “Our message to couples today is, don't wait to get the right kind of help.  A conversation with a specialist is a first step."

RESOLVE, established in 1974, wants to “empower” women and men living with infertility, said Barbara Collura, RESOLVE's executive director.

“That's why we are excited about this initiative," Collura said in a release. "We want couples to remain hopeful in their journey and visit a fertility specialist early-on to get the support and help that they deserve. During that important conversation, you will learn about your specific circumstances so you can explore your options from a place of knowledge -- that's when everything can begin to change."

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