New Electus Series Spotlights Asian Subculture, Targets The Masses

Sensing an opportunity in developing content around subcultures, Ben Silverman and IAC’s Electus have partnered with Tyrese Gibson’s HQ Productions and new production studio DiGa to bring the lives of a group of Asian Americans to the masses in a new online video series called “K-Town.”

Set in the heart of Koreatown, Los Angeles (which is sandwiched between downtown L.A. and the Miracle Mile), “K-Town” is an unscripted reality show a la “Jersey Shore” that will follow the lives of eight K-Town residents, who each have their own distinctive profile.

For example, there is a sexually liberated former exotic dancer, a single mother who is a bartender, blogger and all-around drama queen, a nightclub owner of the hottest club in L.A. catering to Asians, etc.

“K-Town” is the first series from Electus’ new YouTube channel LOUD, which launches July 2 along with several other niche-oriented channels as part of Google’s push to host more premium original content on its video-sharing site.

Electus, a multimedia studio owned by IAC and Silverman, a former top network TV programming executive and Hollywood producer, is positioning LOUD as a video hub for edgy series featuring celebrities and other entertaining personalities.

This particular series is created and produced by HQ Productions and was conceptualized by Silverman with consultation from DiGa, which is co-founded by former MTV execs Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley, who collaborated on "Jersey Shore," "Laguna Beach," and "The Hills," among other programs.

"LOUD is the perfect platform for chronicling the social rituals of this unique Asian-American subculture,” said Gibson. “While nothing about this series is commonplace, the show is highly relatable, as the cast's personal stories, struggles and triumphs are universal."

"Asians have always been viewed through the media as either exaggerated stereotypes or the one-dimensional model minority," said Executive Producer Mike Le. "K-Town is a celebration of what it's like to be a young Asian in America today.”

You can check out the trailer for “K-Town" here.

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