Azteca America Urges Hispanics To Vote

Azteca America and its parent company, Grupo Salinas, are partnering with Voto Latino, a nonprofit organization devoted to raising electoral participation in the U.S. Hispanic population, on a new cross-platform campaign of public service announcements urging Hispanics to vote.  

The campaign includes PSAs running on Azteca America, a Web-based element located at, and printed materials that will be distributed in 75 major Hispanic markets nationwide. Azteca America is also co-hosting political forums in big Hispanic markets, including Washington D.C., Charlotte, NC, and Tampa Bay, where speakers and the audience will be invited to discuss issues relevant to the Hispanic community.

Fundación Azteca America, a nonprofit organization created by Grupo Salinas to advocate on behalf of U.S. Hispanics, is also continuing to support immigration reform with a campaign under the theme “I Too Am America,” highlighting the role played by immigrants in U.S. history.



Luis J. Echarte, chairman of Azteca America, stated: “The United States is a changing landscape, and it's important to make sure that our community is represented.”

From 2000-2011, the U.S. Hispanic population grew 14.7 million, more than the rest of the population combined (14.5 million), to a current of total 52 million, or about 16.8% of the overall population, according to a recent Nielsen study titled “The State of the Hispanic Consumer.” In the next five years, Hispanics are expected to add another 7.4 million people.

The total buying power of Hispanics living in the U.S. grew from $1 trillion in 2010 to $1.1 trillion in 2011, and is on track for $1.5 trillion by 2015, according to Nielsen. Nielsen forecasts a prominent role for younger U.S. Hispanic adults in the real estate market in coming years. 

It also cited data from IBISWorld predicting positive impacts on various categories, including food, retail, education, financial services, transportation, entertainment and media.

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