Kinetic Scores 'Positive' Results WIth NFC-Enabled Outdoor Ads

Mecedes-Benz-Outdoor-ads-AWPP out-of-home ad shop Kinetic and OOH vendor JCDecaux revealed results of their first joint large-scale test of ads enabled with so-called near field communications (NFC) technology.

The companies said that 78% of the participating consumers reported having a “positive” experience, primarily citing the ease of use of the NFC technology, while more than 85% indicated they would use their phones to interact with OOH ads in the future.

The test was conducted in Reading, England in March. The NFC technology enables smartphone users to interact with outdoor ads in various ways. In the reading test, consumers could receive information, coupons, games and video content with a simple tap of their phone.



The companies reported that over 3,000 people scanned the JCDecaux OOH poster sites during the four-week trial, or the equivalent of 1 million people nationwide.

Nick Mawditt, global director of marketing and insight for Kinetic, noted that the Reading trial illustrated that "technology is driving the potential for interactive engagement through NFC.”

More than a dozen advertisers participated in the test, including Unilever, retailer H&M, EA Games and Mercedes.

Download and conversion rates varied by client and content, according to the companies. Redemption rates for coupons were highest where the poster site was in proximity to the retailer making the offer. But redemption rates also increased throughout the testing period as more consumers became familiar with the technology.

One campaign yielded an 18% coupon redemption rate, while the average across the trial was 7%, the companies reported. The download conversion rate for video content was a “strong” 28%, the shops said.

David McEvoy, marketing director of JCDecaux, stated that with the rise in NFC-enabled phones, outdoor ads can provide consumers with "engaging and interactive campaigns on the move."

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