Online Video Use Boosts TV Viewing, Engagement, comScore Study Finds

While the bulk of TV audiences are still reached via TV only, the online scope of TV networks is growing, according to a just-released comScore study. About 26% of audiences are reached with content online, and 12% specifically with online video, comScore said in analyzing the results of a study of 10 TV networks and media brands conducted for The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement, a group comprised of TV networks, media agencies and major consumer brands.

While there are still a significant number of consumers who only engage with TV networks on TV -- about 72% -- the amount of both “digital only” viewers and “multi-screen” viewers who use a combination of TV, Web and mobile is growing. For the ten networks studied, about 17% of viewers are multiscreen and 11 percent are digital only, comScore said -- with networks serving sports, news and young adult audiences counting as much as 30% of their audiences as multi-screen consumers.



Those multi-screen viewers are among the most engaged. In general, the multi-screen consumers who use TV and online video spend more time with the programming overall and also more time watching on TV. “Consumers who build online video into their TV experience appear to be an important core constituency for media brands,” the report said. “On average across the ten media brands in the study, consumers who consumed the brands’ content via online video and TV consumed 25 percent more minutes on the TV platform than the TV audience overall, indexing at 125.”

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  1. Doug Garnett from Protonik, LLC, June 13, 2012 at 12:45 p.m.

    We should take caution since this finding significantly supports people spending money with Comscore. The study concerns me a bit more - in that what is "web"? I have an AppleTV that is part of our entertainment center. We watch some movies on it and some Netflix. Is this categorized as "web"? It's far, far different from my niece watching TV over the web on her laptop in her apartment - because she can't yet afford cable. So I'm not surprised by the result - but this engagement claim seems pretty self-serving for Comscore.

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