Denver Airport Flies DOOH

Travelers passing through Denver International Airport will find the experience quite a bit more colorful thanks to Clear Channel Airports, which is installing a number of digital out-of-home video displays in high-traffic areas around the airport -- including the largest digital displays to grace any U.S. airport to date.

The CCA program includes installations of more than 118 LCD screens of varying sizes throughout the airport.

These include 70-inch-wide freestanding LCD screens in Jeppesen Terminal, ultra-thin “video walls” suspended from ceiling structures in the A, B and C concourses, and on the huge end of the spectrum, four 26-foot diagonal LED video towers around the main elevator column in the airport’s “Great Hall.”

The program includes functional upgrades as well. For example, the traditional hotel phone banks located near the baggage claim area will be replaced with touchscreens that can send hotel, restaurant and other travel information to mobile devices.



The digital network can also disseminate airport information, weather and emergency messages, along with advertising, to airport passengers. DIA handles over 50 million passengers a year, according to the airport authority.

Last week, Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, where advertising is managed by Alliance Airport Advertising, announced the rollout of 900 large-screen displays from NEC Display Solutions America, which will be used for airline branding and to provide travelers with flight, baggage and gate information and directions.

The large-screen displays include 182 46-inch screens and 723 40-inch screens positioned around the new terminal. The displays will receive information from 800 single-board computers. Over 1,000 NEC displays are already in use in McCarran’s Terminals 1 and 2.


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