Brand Marketers Can Help Mothers With 'Moments'


Representing a challenge for gadget-crazed marketers, their most prized demographic (moms) also happen to be the biggest critics of today’s technology overload.

They’re conflicted critics, however, as new research shows that 71% of moms around the world say their family engages with technology together daily, though 52% say their family is often distracted by the digital din during together time.

That’s according to new findings from Yahoo and Starcom MediaVest Group, which categorizes mommy time into four categories: routines, rituals, traditions and “relive.”

“Moms are aware of both the opportunities and challenges that result from constantly being plugged in, and they are struggling to find a way to create moments that are memorable and lasting, as opposed to just running down to-do lists,” says Lauren Weinberg, vice president, Yahoo research and insights.



Overall, the research shows that across generations, age and region, 84% of moms say that planning family activities are worth their efforts -- as long as a “special moment” is involved.

Naturally, this heightened desire by moms to create special moments with their families presents new brand opportunities, according to Adam Kruse, vice president, global director at SMG.

“Brands have understood that moments are important to moms,” said Kruse. “However, moms today don’t want this just acknowledged. They need help in creating more of these moments.”

For example, 64% of moms report reading to their kids, but only 17% claim to enjoy it.  There’s a great opportunity there for an enterprising brand, Kruse said.

Also of note, 74% of moms take photos using their mobile phones in an effort to relive those memories.

Added Kruse: “The force of technology is elevating both the need and providing brands with new opportunities to help moms create more meaningful family time.”

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