PGA Tour Takes Back Digital Control

Turner's swing managing the digital properties for the PGA Tour is moving toward the 18th hole. An arrangement that began in 2006 will end as the Tour regains control in January.

The moves comes as the PGA Tour signed nine-year TV deals with CBS and NBC last year that include simulcasting rights on networks' sites and

Ad sales for and other properties will be overseen by Lee Bushkell, the vice president of media sales with the PGA Tour. The PGA Tour is also reclaiming total oversight of content and marketing and other operations.

Turner will continue to manage -- affiliated with a separate organization with a large membership of teaching pros -- and handle ad sales for the golf section of Yahoo Sports.



Turner has built a business managing digital properties for the likes of NASCAR, the NBA and NCAA, where it also televises events.

Matthew Hong, a senior vice president at Turner Sports, stated that Turner is “now more focused on moving forward in areas that leverage cross-platform assets.”

"(The shift) does not reflect upon Turner, which has done a wonderful job and has been a great partner; it is about our overall strategy regarding our fans, players, sponsors and other stakeholders, and our desire to control those elements directly out into the future,” stated PGA Tour executive Paul Johnson.

Under Turner, has taken multiple steps to allow visitors to better follow tournaments in real-time.

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