LGBT Oreo Lifts Nabisco Buzz Among Young Adults

Rainbow-Oreo-AOreo’s posting of an image of a rainbow-filled cookie on its Facebook page in support of gay pride events on June 25 generated hundreds of thousands of likes for the brand within days, as well as tens of thousands of comments both pro and con.

What’s been the perception impact for Kraft Foods’s Nabisco brand?

A significant increase in positive perception among adults 18 to 34, and virtually no impact among adults 35 and older, according to YouGov BrandIndex.

Among the young adults, the BrandIndex Impression score -- which asks respondents: "Do you have a general positive feeling about the brand?" – jumped from 19 on June 22 to 34 as of June 29.

The Nabisco Impression scores among adults 35 and older were already very high—above 60 as of June 22. They fluctuated up and down slightly during the following seven days, but were still at 60 by June 29.

In other words, the gap between the two age demos closed significantly, from 43 points on June 22nd to 27 points on June 29.



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