Women More Responsive To Facebook E-Retail Ads

  • July 27, 2012

Facebook hasn't delivered on its long-promised role as a hub for driving e-commerce. But there have been some exceptions, like Fab.com, which credit Facebook for helping to build its business. Social media advertising firm Nanigans, which works with Fab.com and other companies marketing on Facebook, released findings from a study looking at e-commerce-related advertising on Facebook. The results suggest women are better targets for e-commerce ads than men. Below are some of the highlights from this infographic it published:

*Men are 12% less likely to click on an e-commerce ad and 14% less likely to purchase.

*Women are 1.5X more likely to “like” a product and 2.2X more likely to add to cart

*Ads driving to a Facebook page get clicked 36% more than those that drive off the site.

*Product-specific ads generate up to 15X more registrations than evergreen ads.




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