NAB Partners with Daniel Pearl Foundation

  • September 25, 2003
NAB has partnered with the Daniel Pearl Foundation to promote Daniel Pearl Music Day, a series of concerts dedicated to encouraging global harmony. Musicians and radio stations around the world will dedicate music to "Harmony for Humanity" and spread a message of tolerance and respect on and around Oct. 10. NAB is distributing the Daniel Pearl Music Day public service announcements to radio stations via its Web site. Rock legend Elton John provides the voiceover for the PSAs. Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists last year in Pakistan while reporting for The Wall Street Journal, would have turned 40 on October 10. He was a gifted musician as well as a talented journalist. "Daniel Pearl Music Day combines music with an important message of tolerance and respect for all," said Foundation President and Daniel Pearl's father, Judea Pearl. "It's great to see radio broadcasters support this message."
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